A Network of Collaborative Connections

Over the past twenty years, PILPG has developed a network of strategic partnerships with many prominent global law firms, academic institutions, and international associations engaged in the fields of public international law and peace-building.  PILPG’s work is also supported by funding from government offices, intergovernmental organizations, charitable foundations, and individual donors.  


Law firm partners

PILPG draws on pro bono assistance from major international law firms.  PILPG’s pro bono law firm partners include twelve of the top fifteen US and global law firms.  Annually, these partners contribute over $15 million in pro bono support.  Their commitment to PILPG’s mission and vision has enabled PILPG to serve its expanding client list.


institutional partners

PILPG has developed strategic partnerships with institutions engaged in the fields of public international law, peace building, and capacity building for civil society.  Collaboration with strategic partners has allowed PILPG to increase its impact and ability to provide effective assistance to its clients.  PILPG’s partners include prominent institutions based both in the United States and internationally.


Academic Partners

PILPG has fostered partnerships with a number of academic institutions to increase its ability to provide effective legal assistance.