Advisory Board

PILPG’s Advisory Board is composed of eminent experts in the field of international law.  Among its members are former diplomats, prominent international lawyers, distinguished academics, and leaders of human rights organizations.  The Advisory Board is co-chaired by Ambassador Morton Abramowitz and Justice Richard J. Goldstone.

Advisory Council

PILPG receives valuable pro bono assistance from its Advisory Council, a network of dynamic young professionals in over a dozen countries with a wide variety of international experience.  PILPG Advisory Council members are employed by top law firms, prominent policy think tanks, and the U.S. and foreign governments.  Their experience spans the entire range of public international law and conflict resolution, as well as numerous specialized areas of regional and subject matter expertise.  Service on the Advisory Council provides members with the opportunity to work on cutting-edge issues in all of PILPG’s practice areas.  Advisory Council members also serve as speakers, editors, reviewers, writers, mentors, and drafters, and participate in PILPG events such as roundtables and negotiation simulations.  Their work and contributions to the mission of PILPG are celebrated in the spring with a diplomatic reception.

Affiliated Experts

PILPG’s regularly draws on the expertise of over sixty Affiliated Experts who act as pro bono consultants on a wide range of issues.  PILPG’s Affiliated Experts include international law experts and foreign relations specialists from North America, Europe, and Africa, with many members having previous experience in their home state’s legal advisor’s office.  Affiliated Experts possess expertise in the fields of boundary disputes, comparative constitutional law, environmental protection, human rights, law of the European Union, law of international organizations, law of the sea, minority rights, peacekeeping, self-determination, state recognition, state succession, treaty negotiation and interpretation, and use of force.