Water Diplomacy

Direct Legal Assistance in Water-Based Conflicts

PILPG provides pro bono legal assistance to states, government officials, and key stakeholders involved in water-based conflicts.  PILPG’s approach promotes peaceful resolution of water disputes in accordance with international law.

  • Nepal:  PILPG assisted the Government of Nepal in developing a system for water and natural resource governance.
  • Somaliland:  PILPG assisted the Government of Somaliland in developing and enacting a comprehensive water act.
  • South Sudan:  PILPG assisted the Republic of South Sudan in developing a strategy for water management in the Nile River Basin.
  • Anuak of Ethiopia:  PILPG assisted the Anuak in negotiations with the Government of Ethiopia over their right to water.

To promote the peaceful resolution of water disputes, PILPG also has developed a series of negotiation simulations, and convened a number of policy planning roundtables.