Policy Planning

“During the early stages of the Somalia peace talks, PILPG played a crucial role in resolving key disputes surrounding the cease-fire agreement, a pivotal step necessary in bringing about the eventual success of the negotiations.” — Gina El Khoury, Legal Advisor to a Somalia Delegation during the Eldoret Peace Talks

PILPG provides pro bono policy planning assistance to states and governments to help them develop and implement foreign and domestic policy initiatives, design state institutions, engage in strategic planning, and coordinate multistate partnerships.  PILPG uses consulting and pro bono services of over 200 former U.S. and foreign diplomats and legal advisers.  To date, PILPG has provided policy planning assistance to over two dozen transitioning states and governments.

  • Darfur: PILPG trained over 300 Darfuri civil society members in five state capitals to prepare for participation in the Doha talks.
  • Kosovo: PILPG assisted the government of Kosovo to create a formal plan to develop and conduct diplomatic relations, and helped the government to establish diplomatic representation.
  • Libya:  PILPG provides policy planning assistance to the Libyan Transitional National Council to promote the achievement of sustainable peace in Libya.
  • Montenegro: PILPG trained Montenegro’s diplomatic staff in New York, Brussels, London, and Rome on embassy operations and diplomacy.
  • South Sudan: Prior to secession, PILPG advised South Sudan on the Vienna Conventions, establishing diplomatic relations, and participating in international organizations.

Ceasefire Project

PILPG provides policy planning assistance to support clients engaged in negotiating ceasefire agreements. Through negotiation simulations and other activities, PILPG assists clients in developing goals and strategies to pursue a cessation of hostilities and sustained peace.  PILPG’s ceasefire project seeks to broaden the intellectual and practical discourse on ceasefire negotiations and their role within peace processes.

Piracy Working Group

The Piracy Working Group is comprised of two-dozen leading experts from academia, government, and PILPG’s law firm affiliates.  Its mandate is to provide legal and policy advice to domestic, regional, and international counter-piracy mechanisms, with the goal of helping to create effective responses to the growing piracy threat.