Peace Negotiations

“PILPG filled in the decisive gap between the rhetoric and reality of an open society based upon a functioning democratic legal system and constitution.” — Former Bosnian Foreign Minister

Direct Legal Assistance During Peace Negotiations

PILPG provides pro bono legal assistance and political counsel to parties and mediators involved in peace negotiations.  PILPG works closely with clients to clarify and prioritize goals, develop negotiation strategies, and create effective mechanisms for implementing peace agreements.  PILPG members customarily participate as advisors during negotiations, and PILPG frequently opens in-country program offices to support its peace negotiations work.  To date, PILPG has advised participants in over two dozen international peace negotiations.

  • Armenia:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Armenian delegation during the Key West peace negotiations.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Bosnian government during the Dayton peace negotiations and advised the Bosnian government in connection with the Brčko arbitration.  PILPG also provided legal assistance to the Bosnian government during the Brussels negotiations on state succession and served as legal adviser during the 2005-2006 negotiations on the Dayton Constitution.
  • Darfur:  PILPG serves as legal counsel to the Darfuri delegation to the Doha peace talks with the Government of Sudan.  PILPG also facilitated a global Darfur Diaspora Consensus Program to assist Darfuri civil society and advisors in preparing for peace negotiations and prepared the Darfur Peace Agreement Drafting Guide, a comprehensive document analyzing the impediments to a peaceful resolution of the Darfur conflict.
  • Georgia:  PILPG assisted the Republic of Georgia in negotiations with the Russian government concerning the Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.  PILPG established a program office in Tbilisi to support its work in Georgia.
  • Kosovo:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Kosovar delegation during the Rambouillet negotiations.  PILPG also advised the Kosovar government during the Vienna final status negotiations and assisted in the drafting of the 2007 constitution.  PILPG established a program office in Prishtina to assist with preparations for final status negotiations.
  • Libya:  PILPG provides legal and policy planning assistance to the Libyan Transitional National Council to promote the achievement of sustainable peace in Libya, including the establishment of transitional justice mechanisms and a post-conflict transition plan.  PILPG also provides assistance on the development of a post-conflict constitutional framework for Libya.
  • Macedonia:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Macedonian-Albanian delegation during the Skopje/Lake Ohrid peace negotiations.
  • Montenegro:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Montenegrin government during the negotiation of the Union Treaty with Serbia.
  • Nagorno-Karabakh:  PILPG advised the government of Nagorno-Karabakh on negotiations during the Minsk peace process.
  • Northern Cyprus:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus during the peace process concerning the unification of Cyprus.
  • Philippines/Mindanao:  Working in collaboration with the U.S. Institute of Peace, PILPG provided legal assistance to the mediators of the Philippines-Mindanao peace process.
  • Somalia:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the civil society delegation to the Somalia peace talks held in Eldoret, Kenya.
  • Republic of South Sudan:  PILPG advises the Republic of South Sudan on legal issues related to implementation of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).  PILPG also served as legal counsel for the Southern People’s Liberation Movement in the arbitration against the Government of Sudan over the disputed Abeyi region.  PILPG established a program office in Juba to support its work in South Sudan.
  • Sri Lanka:  PILPG assisted the Sri Lankan government during the Geneva peace negotiations, including advising on mechanisms for devolving power to provincial governments.  PILPG established a program office in Colombo to support its work in Sri Lanka.

Peace Negotiations Toolkit

PILPG has developed a Peace Negotiations Toolkit to help parties, mediators, and practitioners better prepare to negotiate and implement peace agreements.  The toolkit includes negotiation simulations, a Peace Agreement Drafter’s Handbook, Quick Guides, a primer on earned sovereignty, and Peace Negotiations Watch.