Peace Agreement Training Series

Negotiating and Drafting Peace Agreements: Training Series

PILPG’s Peace Agreement Training Series seeks to share knowledge and develop the capacity of practitioners involved in negotiating and drafting peace agreements.  The Series is organized into sessions that focus on negotiating and drafting specific components of peace agreements, such as ceasefires, power sharing, transitional justice, security sector reform, state structure, and a state’s new legal framework.

The curriculum incorporates lectures, short lessons on core elements, practical negotiating and drafting skills, and drafting exercises.  The Training Series also incorporates a number of negotiation simulations.  The sessions are tailored to practitioners interested in gaining negotiating and drafting skills, developing a strategic perspective, and engaging in exploratory discussions regarding potential responses to emerging legal and policy questions in the peace negotiation context.

The Training Series is undertaken in cooperation with DLA Piper, New Perimeter, and the USAID’s office of Conflict Management and Mitigation (CMM).

Topics in the Training Series

Session 1: Ceasefires – The first session covered the core elements of ceasefires, strategic considerations in negotiating ceasefires, and issues involved in drafting ceasefire agreements.

Session 2: Power Sharing – The second session covered state structure, devolution of power, and power sharing arrangements.

Session 3: Transitional Justice – The third session focused on the role of justice in the peace process, national and international prosecutions, amnesty, truth versus justice, and vetting and lustration.

Session 4: Security Sector Reform – The fourth session focused on negotiating security sector reform (SSR) provisions, implementation considerations, and post-SSR accountability and justice issues.

Session 5: Natural Resources – The fifth session addressed natural resource provisions in peace agreements, and covered the ownership, management, and revenue allocation considerations associated with natural resource provisions.

The Peace Agreement Training Series is part of PILPG’s Knowledge Management Initiative, designed to support PILPG and the peacebuilding community by developing and sharing best practices and lessons learned, enhancing the capacity of strategic partnerships, and providing effective legal assistance and policy planning through training programs, roundtables, negotiation simulations, and the distribution of toolkits and handbooks.

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