Middle East and North Africa

  • Iraq:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Iraqi Constitutional Commission during the drafting of the 2005 constitution and provided legal assistance to the Iraqi government with the 2007 constitutional review process.  PILPG also provided legal assistance and judicial training to the Iraqi High Tribunal.  PILPG established a program office in Baghdad to facilitate its work in Iraq.
  • Libya:  PILPG provides legal and policy planning assistance to the Libyan Transitional National Council to promote the achievement of sustainable peace in Libya, including the establishment of transitional justice mechanisms and a post-conflict transition plan.  PILPG also provides assistance on the development of a post-conflict constitutional framework for Libya.
  • Special Tribunal for Lebanon:  PILPG provides legal assistance to the Office of the Prosecutor for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.
  • Syria:  PILPG provides legal and policy support to the Syrian National Council and Syrian opposition groups to promote a resolution to the conflict in Syria and to plan for a peaceful transition.  PILPG provides assistance on issues related to transition planning, constitution drafting, transitional justice, and peace negotiations.
  • Tunisia:  PILPG provides legal assistance to Tunisian political party and civil society leaders to support the democratic transition process, including matters relating to constitution drafting and transitional justice.
  • Yemen:  PILPG assists pro-democracy and civil society leaders in Yemen on issues related to its democratic transition and constitution drafting processes.  PILPG provides legal assistance on issues related to devolution of powers, transitional justice, and accountability mechanisms.