Europe & Eurasia

“Because of PILPG’s access to a vast array of international legal experts, its far-reaching experience with peace negotiations around the world, and, most significantly, its unique familiarity and understanding of the particular issues faced by the Republic of Georgia, PILPG has the capability of providing assistance to us that cannot be matched by other nongovernmental organizations.” — Irakli Alasania, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Georgia to the United Nations

  • Armenia:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Armenian delegation during the Key West peace negotiations.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Bosnian government during the Dayton peace negotiations and advised the Bosnian government on the Brčko arbitration.
  • Czech Republic:  PILPG assisted a variety of Czech NGOs in their efforts to improve civic participation in industrial decisions that impact the environment.
  • Estonia:  PILPG provided legal assistance to the Estonian government in negotiations with Russia concerning delineation and demarcation of the Russian-Estonian border.  PILPG also provided legal advice to Estonia on international standards relating to nationality, citizenship, and the protection of national minority rights for Russians and others living in Estonia.
  • Georgia:  PILPG assisted the Republic of Georgia in negotiations with the Russian government concerning the Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.  PILPG established a program office in Tbilisi to support its work in Georgia.
  • International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia:  PILPG provided legal assistance to the Office of the Prosecutor of the Yugoslav Tribunal in The Hague.
  • Kosovo:  PILPG works with civil society organizations in Kosovo to increase access to, demand for, and respect for justice.  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Kosovar delegation during the Rambouillet negotiations.  PILPG also advised the Kosovar government during the Vienna final status negotiations and assisted in the drafting of the 2007 constitution.  PILPG established a program office in Prishtina to assist with preparations for final status negotiations.
  • Macedonia:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Macedonian-Albanian delegation during the Skopje/Lake Ohrid peace negotiations.  Additionally, PILPG advised the President of Macedonia on the options available in the UN to overcome the impasse with Greece over use of the name “Republic of Macedonia.”  At the request of the president, PILPG also examined potential grounds for filing a case before the International Court of Justice.
  • Montenegro:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Montenegrin government during the negotiation of the Union Treaty with Serbia.  PILPG also provided legal assistance to the Montenegrin government in preparing for the 2006 referendum on independence and drafting the new constitution.
  • Nagorno-Karabakh:  PILPG advised the government of Nagorno-Karabakh on negotiations during the Minsk peace process and provided a comprehensive constitutional review for Nagorno-Karabakh.
  • Northern Cyprus:  PILPG served as legal counsel to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus during the peace process concerning the unification of Cyprus.  PILPG also advised the Northern Cypriots on their electoral rights within the European Union.
  • Poland:  PILPG assisted the Government of Poland in drafting a new and comprehensive Law on the Environment.