Client Testimonials

“The Kvinna Till Kvinna Foundation office in Bosnia and Herzegovina has received fruitful advice and great support from the PILPG office in Sarajevo […] PILPG has continued their commitment to the purpose of the training by strengthening the women’s initiatives to facilitate their influence on the constitution building process.” Nina Genneby, Kvinna Till Kvinna, Country Representative, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Because of PILPG’s access to a vast array of international legal experts, its far-reaching experience with peace negotiations around the world, and, most significantly, its unique familiarity and understanding of the particular issues faced by the Republic of Georgia, PILPG has the capability of providing assistance to us that cannot be matched by other nongovernmental organizations.” Irakli Alasania, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Georgia to the United Nations

“PILPG filled in the decisive gap between the rhetoric and reality of an open society based upon a functioning democratic legal system and constitution.” Former Bosnian Foreign Minister

“PILPG has greatly assisted us in changing the jurisprudence in international law in ways that, in my mind, will actually change the course of legal history.” David Crane, Prosecutor, Special Court for Sierra Leone

“PILPG has provided us expert assistance and capacity building on many occasions, and has been one of our most trusted resources in the peace process.” Spokesperson for a Darfur Movement

“PILPG has provided the Georgian government with high quality legal analysis and policy advice to assist our government in developing a negotiation strategy . . . . These memoranda have been crucial to increasing our internal knowledge base on issues related to the conflict and to our ability to reply in real time to points raised from the other side.” Konstantine Kemularia, National Security Advisor to the President of Georgia

“During the early stages of the Somalia peace talks, PILPG played a crucial role in resolving key disputes surrounding the cease-fire agreement, a pivotal step necessary in bringing about the eventual success of the negotiations.” Gina El Khoury, Legal Advisor to a Somalia Delegation during the Eldoret Peace Talks

“PILPG substantially contributed to the ability of Montenegro to rely upon and utilize the norms of international law to promote a peaceful democratic transition in Montenegro.” Zorica Maric, Head of the Montenegrin Mission to the U.S.

“The assistance of PILPG, and its directors, has substantially contributed to the ability of Afghanistan to transition to a stable democratic state . . . .” Daoud Yaqub, Director of Policy & SSR, National Security Council, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

“PILPG Support has gone far beyond ordinary . . . Lauren, together with your team, we are going to miss you so much, especially your commitment to work with CHRAGG.” — Mary C Massay, Executive Secretary, Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance

“On behalf of the Seycelles Judiciary I wish to express our appreciation . . . the material has been so helpful, enlightening and handy in facilitating the preparation of judgments.” — The Honorable Duncan Gaswaga, Judge, Seychelles