Foreign Legal Specialists

PILPG’s Foreign Legal Specialists Program provides an opportunity for early career international lawyers to spend six months to one year with PILPG.  Foreign Legal Specialists generally serve within a single practice area, providing in-depth research and analysis on issues of key importance to PILPG clients.

“In my two years of work with PILPG I have been able to have a real impact on issues that many practitioners spend their whole lives hoping to work on.”
– Francesca Jannotti Pecci, former PILPG Foreign Legal Specialist

2014-2015 Foreign Legal Specialists

Franziska Drohsel is currently an attorney at Law Firm Hummel Kaleck in Berlin, Germany. She previously clerked at the German Federal Constitutional Court and served as the Chairperson for the Young Social Democrats (Jusos) of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.  Franziska received her LL.D. from Humboldt University in Berlin.  She speaks German and Italian.

Vladimir Leposavic is currently a Senior University Lecturer at Mediterranean University in Montenegro and a Fulbright Researcher in the United States.  He is also a PhD candidate in International Human Rights Law at the University of Belgrade in Serbia.  Vladimir previously provided pro bono assistance in several international war crimes cases in the Hague.  He received his LL.M. from University of Belgrade in International Public Law.  He speaks Serbian, Italian, and Russian.

Mario Núñez Martínez is currently a Researcher for Pompeu Fabra University.  Previously, he was a Researcher at Chinese University of Hong Kong as well as a Legal Trainee for the Spanish Constitutional Court.  Mario received his LL.M. in European Law from University Carlos III of Madrid and a dual degree in Law and Business Administration from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain.  He speaks Spanish, Catalan, and French.

2013-2014 Foreign Legal Specialists

Adriana Jauregui, Bolivia

Felicia Mburu, Kenya

Srinjoy Sarkar, India

Jing Huang, China

Youssef Hitti, France

Danielle Edwards, Dominica

Eva Kabundu, Uganda

James Mwakazi, Kenya

Qingtao Xie, China

2012-2013 Foreign Legal Specialists

Alice Kidman, France

Pablo Piedra Vivar, Ecuador

Neha Bhat, India

Esther Birlin, Germany

Rui Yang, China

Isabel Erreguerena, Mexico

Katherine Velos, Australia

Antonia Latsch, Germany

2011-2012 Foreign Legal Specialists

Agnese de Leo, Latvia

Christian De la Medina Soto, Mexico

Julie Smith, Argentina

Maria Glenna, Norway

Maria Noel Leoni, Uruguay

Mathuri Thamilmaran, Sri Lanka

Phattaraporn Phetphong, Thailand

Sabina Petersen, Sweden

Sofia Amozurrutia Pineda, Mexico

Tendai Zvobgo, Zimbabwe

Virab Khachatryan, Armenia

Zsofia Young, Hungary

2010-2011 Foreign Legal Specialists

Jinn Winn Chong, Malaysia

Marie d’Harcourt, France

Zeno Kaiser, Germany

Veronique Lendresse, France

Cleopatra Magwaro, Zimbabwe

Sarah Mazzochi, USA

Celine Tran, France

2009-2010 Foreign Legal Specialists

Tariq Ahmad, USA

David Beale, United Kingdom

Lissa Bettzieche, Germany

Jinn Winn Chong, Malaysia

Elena Cirmizi, Moldova

Levon Gevorgyan, Armenia

Naparata Kranrattanasuit, Thailand

Robert Monjay, USA

Britanny Vanderhoof, USA

2008-2009 Foreign Legal Specialists

Jennifer Alspeer, The Netherlands

Daniel Debella, Ethiopia

Victoria den Haring, The Netherlands

Alana Huffnagle, USA

Jan Kratochvil, Czech Republic

Typhaine Roblot, France

Lucas Roorda, The Netherlands

Faten Saleh, France

2005-2006 Foreign Legal Specialists

Saptarishi Bandopadhyay, India

Navneet Patwalia Bhalla, United Kingdom

Waseem Qureshi, Pakistan

Inshik Ryu, South Korea

Christian Turegano Roldan, Mexico

Elodie Wacheux, France

2004-2005 Foreign Legal Specialists

Olta Aliaj, Albania

Tina Burjaliani, Georgia

Laura Monica Chavez Paz, Argentina

Lhakpa Chodon, Tibet/India

Agustina Del Campo, Argentina

Hélène Emmanuelle Marie Huet, France

Christine Laroque, France

Nathalie Tran, France

Anna Triponel, France/United Kingdom

Jolita Zabarauskaite, Lithuania

2002-2003 Foreign Legal Specialists

Tomoko Ando, Japan

Claudia Cano, Brazil

Francesca Jannotti Pecci, Italy

Susan Kagondu, Kenya

Catherine Kihara, Kenya

Patrick Krill, USA

Eloisa Newalsing, The Netherlands

Durgam Saif, Israel

2001-2002 Foreign Legal Specialists

Florion Bregasi, Albania

Stephanie Djian, France

Geraldine Palanque, France

Katherine Sales, France

Anita Sharma, USA

Sophea Yaung Chan, Cambodia